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MFA book deals

Here’s an ever-evolving list of recent King’s MFA students and graduates with book contracts:

  • Lesley Buxton (Class of 2016) One Strong Girl. Pottersfield, 2018.
  • Marilyn Carr (Class of 2020) Nowhere Like This Place, Iguana Books, 2020.
  • Gregor Craigie (Class of 2019) On Borrowed Time: Shaking Complacency in North America’s Seismic Zones, Goose Lane Editions, 2021.
  • Pauline Dakin (Class of 2015). Run, Hide, Repeat. Penguin, 2017.
  • Moira Dann (Class of 2016). Craigdarroch Castle in 21 Treasures. Touchstone Editions, 2021.
  • Deborah Dundas (Class of 2023) On Class. Biblioasis, 2022.
  • Catherine Fogarty (Class of 2018) Murder on the Inside. Biblioasis, 2021.
  • Stacey May Fowles (Class of 2015) The Girl in the Woods, M&S, 2018.
  • Joan Francuz (Class of 2016) Press Enter to Continue: Scribes from Babylon to Silicon. 2018.
  • Kim Fraser (Class of 2021) The Accidental Caregiver: Challenges and Triumphs of Intimate Family Caregivers, Sutherland House, (TBA).
  • MJ Grant (Class of 2016) A Cure for Heartache, Coronet, UK, May 2019.
  • Sue Harper (Class of 2016) Winter in the City of Light: A Search for Self in Retirement, Amazon 2019.
  • Kirk Johnson (Class of 2019) Some Kind of Hero, Penguin, 2021.
  • Stephanie Griffiths (Class of 2016) Sit Still and Prosper: How a Former Money Manager Discovered the Path to Investing with Greater Clarity, Calmness, and Confidence, Bird in the Sky Press. 2018.
  • Virginia Heffernan (Class of 2021) The Multi-Billion Dollar Ring of Fire: Prospectors and Politics in the Peatlands. ECW Press, 2023.
  • Tyler LeBlanc (Class of 2018) Acadian Driftwood, Goose Lane.
  • Kevin Kelloway (Class of 2019) The Performance Equation, University of Toronto/Rotman Press.
  • Nellwyn Lampert (Class of 2017) Every Boy I Ever Kissed, Dundurn Press. Fall 2019.
  • Lezlie Lowe (Class of 2016) Nowhere to Go. Coach House, 2018.
  • Susan MacLeod (Class of 2018): Dying for Attention: A Graphic Memoir about Nursing Home Care, Conundrum Press, October 2021.
  • Leslie Marion (Class of 2018) Easy Money: A Bankspeak Primer for Small Business, 4th Floor Press, 2020.
  • Lauren McKeon (Class of 2016). F-Bomb: Dispatches from the War on Feminism. Goose Lane, 2017.
  • Jessica McDiarmid (Class of 2016). Highway of Tears: The Missing, The Murdered, The Mystery. Doubleday.
  • Helena Moncrieff (Class of 2016). The Fruitful City: Building Communities Around Nature’s Bounty. ECW Press.
  • Jason Murray (Class of 2016). A Distorted Revolution: How Eric’s Trip Changed Music, Moncton and Me. Nimbus, 2017.
  • Jesse O’Reilly-Conlin (Class of 2019) Visiting Africa: A Memoir. Demeter Press, 2021.
  • Robin Pacific (Class of 2021) Skater Girl. Guernica Editions, 2024.
  • Renée Pellerin (Class of 2016) Conspiracy of Hope. Goose Lane, 2018.
  • Laura Pratt (Class of 2020) Heartbreak: Field Notes on a Constant Condition. Random House Canada, 2023.
  • Jen Powley (Class of 2015). Just Jen. Roseway Books, 2017.
  • Andrew Reeves (Class of 2016) Overrun. ECW Press, 2019.
  • RC Shaw (Class of 2017) Louisbourg or Bust. Pottersfield Press, 2018.
  • Christian Smith (Class of 2017). The Scientist and the Psychic, Random House, 2021
  • Suzanne Stewart (Class of 2016). The Tides of Time: A Nova Scotia Book of Seasons. Pottersfield, 2018.
  • Karen Stiller (Class of 2018) The Minister’s Wife. Tynedale House, 2019.
  • Jon Tattrie (Class of 2020) Peace by Chocolate. Goose Lane, 2020.
  • Gillian Turnbull (Class of 2017) Sonic Booms: Making Music in an Oil Town, Eternal Cavalier Press, 2019.
  • Jennifer Thornhill Verma (Class of 2019) Cod Collapse: The Rise and Fall of Newfoundland’s Saltwater Cowboy, Nimbus, Fall 2019.
  • Aaron Williams (Class of 2017) Chasing Smoke: A Wildfire Memoir. Harbour Publishing, 2017.
  • Gina Woolsey (Class of 2015) Fifteen Thousand Pieces. Guernica Editions, 2023.
Posted: June 22, 2016, 5:08 pm ADT
Modified: January 3, 2022, 11:47 am AST