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Data Journalism Summer School FAQ

What is data journalism?

Data journalism encompasses a lot of things these days, from the data analysis skills that have traditionally been known as computer-assisted reporting, or CAR, to computer programming to developing news applications. At the online data school, we will cover basic spreadsheet and visualization skills.

How would I use data journalism in my work?

Data journalism techniques are valuable for everything from the quick, daily story right on up to massive data investigations and mapping projects. The skills taught in the coding school are essential for today’s digital journalist. Once you know the skills, you will regularly find ways to make your journalism better using these techniques. Data journalism skills are also in demand, and journalists who have them get the best jobs, as well as the best stories.

Why would I want to take a week-long course?

Experience shows it takes several days to effectively learn these skills, and how and when to apply them. The intensive, one-week approach provides the necessary to master data journalism techniques so you can put them to work with confidence. Because of COVID-19, we have adapted our usual format to online delivery.

How long does the school run?

The basic data school runs all day Monday to Thursday, June 27 to 30. As much of the material is prerecorded, however, you can adapt the schedule to your needs. Some sessions are live via Zoom.

What do I need to participate?

You will need a Windows PC or Mac of recent vintage. Linux or Chromebook computers cannot be used. You will need Microsoft Excel installed on your computer and room for additional software and data. We recommend a minimum of 150 GB free hard drive space or 100 GB plus an external hard drive.

How many registrations will you take?

The school is limited to 15 signups.

How do I pay?

Please provide your credit card information on the sign up form. Please contact if you wish to relay your credit care information by phone.

Can I have you hold a spot or pay part of the fee now and the rest later?

Demand is normally brisk for the schools, so to be fair to everyone involved, we cannot confirm a spot for you until you have paid in full. It is not possible to begin attending the classes without having paid in full.

What is your cancellation policy?

Until June 6, we will refund your fee minus a $50 administration fee. From June 7 to 14, we will refund half of your fee minus the $50 administration fee. There will be no refunds after June 14. We will waive the penalty in the event that there is a waiting list and another person is available to take your place in the same or higher rate category. The administration fee is payable in all instances.

When will I receive more information?

Registered participants will receive a detailed email with information about the school, a few days before it begins. This will include the full schedule and access to the course materials.

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