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Summary of textbook readings, King’s Summer Data School 2021

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Summary of textbook readings for the 2021 Summer Data School

Because the data school itself cannot cover the depth of content possible in our usual in-person format, we are using the textbook as a way of taking the content beyond what we are covering in this course. We would recommend you read the entire book, but we have listed chapters we feel are particularly relevant to the course content. The book has many additional online tutorials that cover technical topics in depth. Here are the readings as listed in the modules:

Modules 1-5, Monday and Tuesday and morning Wednesday

From the textbook: Chapters 1,2 and 4 of The Data Journalist. Chapter 4 focuses on Excel, which is the desktop equivalent of Google Sheets. The principles are the same as are most of the functions. If you want to follow up with Excel, you can do that using the textbook as a guide. These readings apply to modules 1 to 4.

Module 6, Wednesday afternoon:

From the textbook: chapter 8 of The Data Journalist continues the discussion of data visualizations and if you want a taste of what we mean by d3, have a look at chapter 10.

Module 7, Thursday:

From the textbook: Chapter 6 of The Data Journalist covers all of the key concepts involved in online mapping. If you want to explore using the desktop version of ArcGIS, for which you may be eligible under the Esri Canada media program, this is covered in chapter 7 and its accompanying online tutorials.

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