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One of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic has been where to turn for data (there are so many sources), the completeness of data and inconsistencies between data sources on how and when data is collected. This reflects the massiveness of any effort to collect data across a large country, or around the world.

In Canada, different provincial governments have had different approaches to data dissemination. Some jurisdictions, such as Quebec, have released data aggregated statistics down to the neighbourhood level. In other provinces, such as Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, data is only available at the level of health districts. Provinces also differ in how much they are releasing about individual cases. Ontario released more, including age group, gender and health district, while Nova Scotia releases nothing about individual cases. The reason for withholding data is often stated as protecting privacy, or protecting communities from stigmatization.

All that said, we’ve collecting various official sources of data and putting them on this page.

Centralized and national resources for Canada

Esri Canada Covid-19 Information

Esri Canada open data on COVID-19.

Government of Canada COVID-19 information page

Government of Canada downloadable daily case and death data by province (csv)

This data is updated daily

If you want to dive really deeply into detailed, anonymous case data from across Canada, there is data available from Statistics Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. This requires the use of database software for analysis as the file is very large.

Stats Can has statistical summaries available, updated regularly. Go to and search for “Detailed preliminary data on confirmed cases of COVID-19”

Main B.C. Covid-19 page

British Columbia case data (CSV)

British Columbia testing data (CSV)

Alberta COVID-19 statistics page (includes link to downloadable csv/Excel file of cases)

Saskatchewan COVID-19 page, with downloadable data

Manitoba COVID-19 dashboard

Ontario COVID-19 statistics

Ontario open data COVID-19 case data (raw, row-level data)

City of Toronto COVID-19 stats, in a Google sheet

Ottawa open data COVID-19 case statistics

Ottawa COVID-19 cases by ward, including downloadable data

Montreal COVID-19 stats, including by borough, with downloadable CSVs

Quebec case statistics (data is loaded in background–good practice for using network tool)

New Brunswick case information (HTML only)

Nova Scotia COVID-19 page (daily case numbers load in the background-use network tool)

PEI COVID-19 statistics

Nfld and Labrador statistics by Primary Health Area and Regional Health Authority (visualizations)


European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, downloadable statistical data, by country

World Health Organization, statistical dashboard. Includes link to download day-by-day case data, by country.

COVID-19 data from the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (CDC). Click on “Access Datasets from” for links to open data site with links to downloadable weekly statistics of cases and deaths and cumulative death counts by county.

UK COVID-19 data, including downloadable CSVs on daily cases by county and daily death counts nationally and by constituent nation.

Coronavirus statistics for India, including by state

Proxy data

Google mobility data (from Michael Perreira’s presentation)